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One of my hobbies as a teenager was writing fiction, and after years of working in other areas, I’ve stumbled back into it.  I’ll be posting a few bits and pieces here from time to time.

If anyone wants to show off and send in a short story to add to this page, I’d be glad to see it*.  If it’s posted here, we’ll include a link to your site, and a short biography, or other information if you want.  The aim is help potential readers surf writer’s pages and find what they want without having to plough through millions of search engine results.

*Please sent your story as a doc or pdf file with an email allowing publication on this site.  This is a showcase designed to draw readers to your main site, and there is no payment from me.  Remember, some publishers treat work on the net as already published, so if you’re planning to sell the story, don’t list it here. Click here to submit a story.


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