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What do leading sportspeople, statesmen, mystics, celebrities, healers, successful entrepreneurs,

brilliant artists, superb musicians, captivating writers, magicians, and you, all have in common?

The answer is simple – you, and they, all have everything you need inside you to succeed in any area of life you choose.

The only difference between you, and an outstanding success story, is a vision.  All successful people have a vision of what they want to achieve.  Some of them just instinctively know how to use this vision to get the success they want.  Others have been trained.

The most amazing thing is, that once you have been taught what to do, you can achieve whatever you want.

New Creative Visualization is a breakthrough in how to get what you want.

Many books have been written before on basic visualization techniques, the law of attraction, the effect of limiting beliefs, and so on, using all sorts of fancy buzz words to give credibility to their ideas.  If you've read any of those books, be prepared to be amazed by this one.

In this book, you'll find what you are looking for.

You'll discover:

You'll have to do a bit of work – nothing this good comes without some sort of price in time and practice – but this is far less than you might expect.

I have made a life-long study of what makes the difference between successes and failures.  I have read hundreds of books – all promising to teach you how to do this.  Some actually contain part of the secret in this book.  I have met best-selling authors, successful musicians, talented sportspeople, successful politicians, businessmen, and healers.

Many did not know what they were doing that led to their success and give misleading advice.  Some knew exactly how to generate their success.

In this book, I offer you the distillation of this study.  A practical method which you can easily master.  A method that has been responsible for the success of many people.

A secret you can apply to every aspect of your life to turn on the success you deserve.

And the best thing is – you decide.  You may not want millions in the bank, you may want to apply the secret to your family life.  To teach your kids how to use it as they grow.

You may want to apply it to business, or to your health.

At the end of this book, your perspective on life will have changed.  You will know, deep down inside yourself, that the question people should be asking is not:

What can I use New Creative Visualization for?”


How can I use New Creative Visualization to help me achieve this?”

New Creative Visualization” is  now out - click here to order.