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Want to lose weight?  Confused by all the different diets on offer?  Or have you got a plan in mind but find it difficult to stick to?  Is everyone giving you contradictory advice?

Well, I've just lost 61lbs in a few months and I would love to tell you how I did it.

Read exactly how I did it, and what I found made the difference for me between succeeding or failing to lose weight after many years of trying unsuccessfully.

The thing that surprised me most was that what I found helps no matter which diet plan or program you chose to follow.

Produced in an easy to read style, with no fluff or padding, this book cuts through the confusion that so often surrounds any attempt to lose weight.  And think how much time and money you can waste plowing through all the confusing stuff that's out there.

I could talk about what's in it all day, and promise you the moon in the process.   But you are far too sensible for that and at just $9.97, can you afford not to read it?

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