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The Woodcutter’s Son - a new novel by Sheila North

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A dark, sensual tale, set in a mysterious forest.

“As the velvet curtains slowly closed, severing the physical connection between the long box and its small audience, Robin thought: That’s it.

It wasn’t, of course.”

Reeling from the sudden death of his father, Robin Good arrives home from the funeral to find a stranger on his doorstep. The grieving young tree surgeon is soon drawn into a wooded world where hedonistic pleasure clashes with sacrifice and loss.

The lonely and bereft Robin finds friendship - and love - come at a price. But will he pay it? And what of the strange document he's asked to sign?

“The Woodcutter’s Son is a dark, yet witty, modern reincarnation of a classic tale, in the vein of Guy Gavriel Kay’s superb Fionavar tapestry series. In the forest, Robin learns some important lessons from his strange companions, but his newfound knowledge may not be enough to prepare him for the magnitude of the choices he has to face.” Stephanie Cage – Author of “Desperate Bid” published by The Wild Rose Press.